12 of the best cars for 2016

  • Chevrolet

    With 2016 models now on dealers' lots, shoppers want cars that don't just look good in glossy TV ads but that also offer real value. With getting the most for your money in mind, Kelley Blue Book is announcing today its Best Buy awards for 2016.

    To determine the winners, Kelley combines reviews from its squadron of test drivers with data on pricing and the cost of owning a given car over five years.

    From the more than 300 models available in the U.S. for 2016, analysts from Kelley originally narrowed the field down to 49 finalists in 12 categories. Then after further testing, Kelley analysts picked the winners in categories ranging from high-performance sports cars, like the Corvette pictured above, to family SUVs.

    The pick for overall Best Buy is the redesigned Honda Civic (see next page). The Civic "sets a new standard in a segment already known for delivering great value," said Jack Nerad, executive editorial director for the Kelley website kbb.com.

    Of the dozen winners, Honda and Chevrolet dominated the list with four each.

    Click ahead for a closer look at the winners.

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