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Worker Shortages Impacting Businesses Across Southland And Nationwide

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- Business owners are trying to recruit employees as some workers have decided they will not work until wages are higher.

Companies have begun doing such and offering signing bonuses to new workers.

Dario Vullo, the owner of Nando Trattoria in Manhattan Beach, said he hoped his restaurant would rebound after the pandemic and is taking steps to get new workers.

Vullo has about 15 workers but needs more than 20 to run the restaurant at 100%.

"Dishwasher -- impossible to find. Busboy? Forget about it, I cannot find a busboy," he said.

Even after offering higher wages, he is still having trouble recruiting and retaining employees.

Tacolicious, located nearby, is having a similar issue.

Unfortunately, the restaurant industry isn't the only one feeling the hiring crisis.

The number of job listings with signing and retention bonuses has doubled since last July.

Big companies like Amazon, Bank of America, Southwest, McDonald's and Costco have all increased their minimum wage.

The TSA is now offering a $1,000 hiring bonus in an effort to hire 6,000 screeners by the end of September.

Vullo and managers at Tacolicious say they believe that people are choosing unemployment over coming to work.

Economists say a lack of childcare and a new career path are also reasons people aren't returning to their old jobs.

Some economists also predict it could take up to a year for businesses to bounce back.

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