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Only On 2: Woman Terrorized By Driver Who Follows Her Home, Throws Rock At Car

VAN NUYS (CBSLA) — Police are investigating after a Los Angeles woman was harassed on the road and followed home by an angry driver.

It's a story that Lynn Ferguson would like to forget — when a simple shopping trip turned into a nightmare. Ferguson was on her way from the store when she signaled to merge into a left lane on Van Nuys Blvd. It was all captured on her dashcam.

"He pulled in front of me and I thought he was doing it for a laugh," she remembered.

But it seems she upset the driver of a black Honda Civic, who sped past her. At one point the driver swerves then stops in the middle of the road, preventing Ferguson from getting around. He's seen gesturing her to come forward. Ferguson's concern then grew when she says she saw the driver reach for something.

"If I had pulled up beside him, what would he have done?" Ferguson asked.

Ferguson made the fastest turn she could to head home and the driver sped off. She thought it was over. Then, she realized he had followed her home. When her husband retrieved the dashcam video, he was shocked.

"He got out of the car, he threw a rock at my wife's car. I was dumbfounded and angry and shouted and he quickly got in his car and drove off," Mark Tweddle said.

Ferguson still has no idea what she did to cause someone to get so angry, but she's grateful her kids weren't in the car and her husband was home. She worries now if the driver could do this to her, who could be next?

"It was me yesterday," she said. "There will be someone else tomorrow. There may even be someone else today."

The LAPD is investigating the case.

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