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Video: Woman Snatches College Student's Trump Hat, Erupts Into Anti-Trump Rant

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — A UC Riverside student recorded video of a woman who snatched his pro-President Trump hat and went on an anti-Trump rant.

"This is genocide homeboy....Look at the kind a sh*t he's wearing," Edith Macias says after snatching the hat in the video.

Matthew Vitale and Macias go at it - back and forth - the ugly confrontation ends up in the student services office.

Macias: "You know what this represents? This represents genocide. Genocide of a bunch of people - look at what he's wearing in front of a group of people."

Vitale: "This is mine. You do not get to take other people's property that is legally theirs in this country."

The hat dispute happened at a student organization retreat.

"Everything was fine until this girl walked up to me and literally - just went like that and took the hat," Vitale said.

The woman who stole the hat posted video of herself grabbing it, and then running off. You can see Vitale giving chase in the video. University officials say they want all students to respect free speech.

"I want all of our students to be able to express their opinions," UCR Interim Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Cindy Larve said. "Just because someone says something you don't like, they have a right under the constitution to express that opinion."

"The majority of people are of color in this campus and you let him wear this sh*t," Macias said in the video.

Vitale got his hat back when police were called.

"I respect her opinion. She has her opinion…..whatever sources and life experience… that's ok. I have my opinion. That should be ok too."

CBSLA reached out to the woman in the video via social media - and did not hear back.

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