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TTYM: Watch The NHL Save Of The Year And 'BandWagon' Cam - Best Invention Ever?

by @TaraLipinsky

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In This Week's That Thing You Missed watch what just might be the NHL save of the year, an untimely tattoo, the best Sunday sermon ever, and the Washington Wizards take fan shaming to a whole new level.

I'm On The Band Wagon


Unfortunately, if you want to attend a professional basketball game these days you are putting yourself at grave risk of being bombed by the dreaded Jumbotron “Kiss Cam.”

I think I speak for sports lovers everywhere when I say enough is enough. And those of you who aren’t bothered by the Kiss Cam – probably have no idea what’s really going on at the game anyway.

Enter the Wizards “BandWagon Cam” which is finally taking public fan shaming to a respectable level. It calls out those irritating folks who show up at games donning the opposing team’s gear. In this case the Miami heat.

Sheer Brilliance.

And on top of that Washington even smoked the ‘Heat’ that night. But we all know the real champion is the Wizards’ games op crew.

I’m just hoping more teams jump on the Band Wagon.

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Separation of Church And Stadium


49er Fan Pastor Tim's 1-Minute Worship Service (Jan. 12, 2014) by John Christensen on YouTube

I have a feeling churches would be packed on Sunday morning if there were more pastors like this one.


Story via CBS Houston

Tat's Ridiculous

Dear Seattle Fans,

If your precious Seahawks lose the NFC Conference Championship game this weekend despite being favored and having home field advantage you only have one person to blame.

This guy with the Seahawks Super Bowl 48 Tattoo.

You can call him the 13th man.

Love, Tara

Story via CBS Seattle

Laid Up

Insane Finish to Regulation HS Basketball Game (Ball Stuck on top of Rim) by Kason Blair on YouTube

Getting “robbed” on the field. It’s happened to all of us. The missed shot that should have made it but somehow against all odds and the laws of gravity did not.

Have I ever told you about the time 7/8ths of my golf ball was suspended over the cup on the 18th hole? Oh, never mind.

It even happens to our favorite professional athletes.

But, this just may be the worst instance I’ve ever seen.

This high school basketball game was tied when the undefeated team got the ball back with seconds remaining and went in for the game winning layup as the buzzer sounded.

Only the ball got stuck on the rim. I’m not going to tell you who won the game – find out by clicking the link.

Story via CBS Philly

Ice Block

Yes, it’s still early in the NHL season to coin a play ‘the save of the year” but a goalie is going to be hard pressed to make a move the likes of which the Predators Carl Hutton did against the Philadelphia Flyers.

I must admit my favorite part of the video though, is Michael Raffl’s reaction. Priceless.

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