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TMZ Reports That Terror-Related Threat Was Called In To Lakers-Clippers Game In January

LOS ANGELES ( — In January, a report of a suspicious package prompted a police presence at Staples Center.

TMZ is now reporting that the "suspicious package" was actually a very detailed threat saying upwards of six suicide bombers were inside the venue ready to kill Americans.

That was Jan. 29. The Clippers and Lakers just wrapped up their game. But according to the TMZ report, the ominous call was made just before tipoff.

CBS2's Tom Wait said fans Friday night were on edge about the report but going ahead with business as usual.

"We actually had the conversation about this on the way here because he received a notification about the threat," said Camille Jones.

This couple says they won't be scared off.

"I feel more comfortable when you see the police presence with everything that's been going on," he added.

Police did not order an evacuation in January. Although the LAPD will confirm they received a threat to Staples Center that night, they will not get into specifics about the threat.

One reason they didn't take the threat seriously, TMZ reports, is the caller disguised his voice and claimed terrorists were holding hostages in bathrooms.

For families coming to the game Friday night, the information was disturbing, but fans still feel safe.

"You want to make sure that everyone gets screened and make sure that you know nobody has anything we would be worried about," said Lakers fan Darrell Rodriguez.

"Just make sure all the surroundings are safe and you know if there's any potential threat then more steps should be taken," said Lakers fan Monica Rodriguez.

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