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Tips For Kids And Parents Alike On Managing Homework

STUDIO CITY ( — Mandy Ginsberg, the chief executive officer of, appeared on KCAL9 News on Saturday morning to discuss ways parents can help their children succeed in school.

According to the website, 46.5 percent of parents have trouble helping their children with homework because school subjects have become increasingly more difficult. Below are just a few tips Ginsberg offered:

Set up a homework routine. Kids work better when they have a routine that is right for them. Some kids do better right after school. Other kids need to come home and decompress for a while before they can face their homework. It doesn't matter what time you choose, just make a conscious choice with your child and try to stick to it.

You can help, but not too much. If you're lucky enough to understand your child's homework, it's tempting to help a bit too much. It is okay to do one sample problem with them to get them "unstuck" but don't do three or four or soon you are the one doing the homework.

Make it Fun. If your daughter is a visual learner go online and find a great video that can help her. Or, if your child is studying and needs to memorize equations for a test, help them create a goofy song. This helps make kids more relaxed and ready to learn.

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