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'They Have Feelings, They Feel Pain,' Says Woman With Rescue Group Of Dogs With Mysterious Burns

LANCASTER ( — Nearly half a dozen dogs recently have suffered severe and mysterious chemical burns, and local rescue groups are stepping in to save the animals and find out who may be behind the attacks.

"They have feelings. They feel pain. They don't have a voice," says Beth New Hill of Doggy Smiles Rescue.

One of the injured dogs named Chrissie is recovering from her injuries at Palmdale's Pets R Us Veterinary Hospital.

The 3-year-old pit bull has deep burns on her back, head and legs after she showed up at a Lancaster shelter three weeks ago.

"She's been burned with something. We're not sure what. We have done a skin biopsy to find out what exactly what she's been burned with," said New Hill, whose group pulled Chrissie from the shelter and started a GoFundMe page to help pay for her care.

"She needed care, and if she didn't get the care and because she had no one interested in her, they would euthanize her," she said. "And just because she's a pit bull, it doesn't make her life any less worthy."

Chrissie is one of seven dogs found with similar burn injuries apparently from a corrosive material, possibly acid, around the Antelope Valley area within the past year.

"There were two other pit bulls that were brought in with burns but, unfortunately, they were so badly hurt, that they had to be euthanized," she said.

A golden retriever named Fergus is now with a Los Angeles rescue group. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department detectives are investigating the cases as possible animal cruelty and are looking into whether they're connected, working with animal care and chemical experts.

"If we don't know what to look for, we're not gonna catch the person that did this," she said.

Chrissie will remain at the hospital, and biopsy results are expected to be back by Friday.

A $25,000 reward is being offered in the case and anyone with information should call detectives at the Lancaster Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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