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Tesla Crashes Into Newport Beach Beauty Supply Shop

NEWPORT BEACH (CBSLA) — A woman was hurt Monday when a Tesla suddenly crashed into a beauty supply shop and nail salon. The impact was so forceful the car ended up inside the building and it could have been much worse.

As CBSLA's Michele Gile reports, the manicurist was talking on her phone outside the building before the customers arrived when the crash occurred just before 9:45 a.m. at 3601 Jamboree Road.

The car did not hit her but chunks of cement did. Her boss said she is going to be OK.

A second woman inside the beauty supply store was right in the path of the car but moved seconds before the accident.

"One of the hairdressers that was also working inside was turning on the air and it was exactly where the car drove through," said Planet Beauty manager Tara Lugo. "Thankfully they heard the crash next door in the nail salon so they knew something dangerous was happening and ran right out of the way and the car literally came right through where she was standing so there was definitely an angel over her shoulder today."

The video shows products literally flying off the shelves as the car landed in the middle of the showroom.

Witnesses say the stunned driver who was a customer got out a minute later and put her hands on her head as soon as she saw the damage. The woman eventually crumbled to the floor.

Pamela Taibi works at Planet Beauty and saw it all.

"I was trying to park to go to the cleaners," said Taibi. "She said that she put her foot on the brake and the car just jumped."

Employees have now asked the landlord at the shopping center to put up steel barriers so it doesn't happen again.


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