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Moms Often Bow Out Of Family Photos Due To Concerns Over Appearance

LOS ANGELES ( — Digging through photos you took over the summer? Researchers say don't expect to find many with Mom in them.

An estimated 40 percent of mothers nationwide choose not to be captured in family photos because they don't like the way they look, according to the survey conducted online by Harris Poll.

This despite the fact that 66 percent of moms take 75 percent or more of all family photos on their smartphones, researchers say.

The study also found alcohol plays a not-insignificant role in whether moms decide to get in front of the camera: when asked if they would be included in more family photos if they first had some booze, 14 percent said they would.

But despite the apparent aversion to being caught on camera, a majority of moms - 62 percent - said the worst thing about losing their smartphone would be losing their family photos.

In fact, one in four moms said they would rather have personal nude photos of themselves leaked online rather than lose all their family photos.

Researchers say the survey polled moms of kids under 18 who take pictures of their family on their smartphone "to better understand attitudes and habits toward digital memories."

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho said moms may give their kids the wrong message by choosing not to appear in family photos.

"As children your first role models are your parents," she said. "If you hear your parents express negative ideas about their bodies or not wanting to live their life (because of how they look), children often take that on and develop their own body image issues."


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