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Agua Dulce Woman Saves Hundreds Of 'Broken' Dogs, Many Now Up For Adoption

AGUA DULCE ( — A woman in Agua Dulce is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of dogs.

Jennifer Gray started Sunny Day Acres six years ago — taking so-called broken dogs left in shelters and rehabilitating them through training.

"I saw a piece that's definitely missing, [which] was the training aspect and then being an active part of the adoption process," she said.

Now she's taking unwanted dogs with bad behavior and training to become man's best friends.

Gray has helped save about a thousand dogs, including Ivy, once considered unadoptable and left in a shelter. Ivy was adopted just two weeks ago.

"Well, I adore her —  it was love at first sight for me," her new owner, Mary, said.

"The rescue that had her before just kind of gave up and they put her in boarding for two years ... I had her in three months of training," Gray said.

Gray has a team of trainers working with her. They do weekly classes for rescue and shelter dogs and they're open to the public as well.

"You see these dogs that the world has given up on. And there are people like Jennifer Gray out there who refuses to give up on them," Kelly Lambertson said.

Now Gray is hoping to expand so no dog is ever put down.

"The ones that just are not going to be adoptable, they're going to need at least two years training so ... I'm starting a sanctuary for those dogs," she said. "We make a difference one puppy at a time."

Visit Sunny Day Acres for more information on the dogs up for adoption.

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