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Study: Residents Worry About Traffic More Than Anything Else In LA County

LONG BEACH ( — A new study has found that people worry more about gridlock than anything else here in Los Angeles County.

In September, the California Community Foundation/USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times polled 1,500 adults regarding their major concerns.

According to the study, more than half of those who live in L.A. County, 55 percent, named traffic and congestion as their top concern.

Meanwhile, 35 percent of residents said crime was a major issue while 31 percent of individuals reported making ends meet and affordable housing were a top concern.

When asked what should be changed about the county, 40 percent of residents chose the community, 37 percent pointed to transportation and 18 percent addressed the economy.

While L.A. is notorious for its traffic congestion, the poll found that 60 percent of residents feel the quality of life is high, according to the poll.

However, when it comes to the future of the quality of life in L.A. County, 46 percent of residents believe things will be worse off in five years.

A similar poll that was released in 2013 found traffic congestion had the most negative effect on a person's quality of life.

According to a study released by Texas A&M, L.A. ranked as number two out of the nation in August for how long drivers are stuck in traffic, which proved to be 80 extra hours of delay per commuter each year, CBS2's Jasmine Viel reported on Thursday.

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