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'Storage Wars' Auctioneer Dan Dotson In Recovery After Double Brain Aneurysm

PALM SPRINGS ( — Dan Dotson, an auctioneer on A&E's popular reality series "Storage Wars," suffered a double brain aneurysm earlier this week.

"He looks at me and his eyes are rolled back in his head and his legs are going out and the color immediately went from like, he was real red and purple to, like, a bluish-green," Dotson's wife Laura said.

Dotson was taken to Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, where he's recovering.

"It is a miracle to be in a state that Danny is. Half of that is luck that he did not bleed significantly before coming to the hospital," neurologist M. Asif Taqi said.

Taqi said Laura played a big role in her husband's survival.

"At that time when he had a bad headache and he was altered, he was not talking right, she called 911 right away," he said.

Laura visited Dotson in the intensive-care unit Friday night.

"He lifts his hands up, and I'm, like, 'Oh, I hear him auctioneering!' " Laura said.

The loving wife said her heav- smoking husband will be ready to get back on TV soon, but without the cigarettes.

"He says, 'Guess what? I'm a nonsmoker.' Thank you, God," Laura laughed.

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