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4.4-Magnitude Quake Acts As Literal Wake-Up Call For Preparedness

TARZANA ( — The 4.4-magnitude shaker Monday morning got many Southern California residents talking about earthquake preparedness.

During the temblor, it's important to drop, cover and hold on, according to

"Drop, cover and hold...ok, good to know," said Monica Tutak, a Granada Hills resident who had just been informed of the protocol.

"Get underneath something solid, if possible. Cover your head, your neck, your spinal cord. Protect yourself, hold on to something," said Capt. Jaime Moore of the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

Authorities say it's important for families to develop a strategy for what to do during and after a quake.

Moore said families should "have a plan, have an area where everyone can reunite, after the fact, either in your home or outside of your home."

He urged people who find themselves in their home when an earthquake strikes to stay inside. He said going outside can be dangerous because of potential downed power lines, broken glass and falling debris.

It's also important to have an earthquake kit in your car and at home, which should include first-aid supplies, food, bottled water, a battery-powered flashlight and blankets.

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