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South LA Residents Impacted By June 30th Botched Fireworks Explosion Still Dealing With Fallout

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) - Nearly three months after the botched explosion of illegal fireworks by the Los Angeles Police Department, which seriously damaged homes and injured 17 people in a South LA neighborhood, residents are receiving some medical assistance.

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St. John's Family Wellness provided mobile clinic. (credit: CBS)

St. John's Well Child and Family Center on Thursday brought a mobile health clinic to the neighborhood to assist residents with issues related to the June 30 explosion.

Miranda Argomaniz's father is one of those impacted by the blast.

"He was having hearing problems. They actually did tell him he lost hearing for one of his ears. So, he has headaches and stuff," Argomaniz said.

Maria Genie, with St. John's, said all the clinic's services are free and that residents no need to have insurance, and added that clinic can also connect people with mental health services as well.

City Councilman Curren Price's office said that 25 households are currently still in hotels and that he's committed to sheltering them for as long as necessary.

So far, some 200 claims against the city have been filed, with 26 of those paid and another 25 others pending approval.

Price said that some homeowners have turned down offers for repairs.

"For one reason or another, property owners have said, 'Don't do anything. My insurance is going to cover it or my lawyer says don't do anything. We're going to file a lawsuit,'" Price said.

As for Arogmaniz's father, he's uninsured and has been paying for doctor's visits in cash. The family said they were unaware of the $10,000 grants offered to those impacted in the explosion.

"I feel like if we had gotten that help, my dad would've been able to cover his expenses for his doctor's visits at least,"  she said.

Residents impacted by the explosion have up to six months to file a claim for financial losses, which they can do by following this link, and up to one year to file a lawsuit.

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