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Some Starbucks Locations In Downtown Close Bathrooms Over Safety Concerns

LOS ANGELES ( — Two Starbucks locations in the downtown area have closed their bathrooms to both paying and non-paying customers, CBS Los Angeles has learned.

Though Starbucks wouldn't comment as to the number of bathrooms closed, the company cited safety concerns as the reason and nothing else.

But employees, who weren't authorized to speak, said an order came down to try to keep the homeless away.

Outside a location in downtown, a security guard has been hired reportedly to make sure the homeless don't bother customers.

And at a second store not far from LAPD Headquarters, free hot water was no longer available to transients.

Rebecca Bravo, a customer, says she saw a person at a Starbucks at Fifth and Hope streets Tuesday lying inside.

"There was a person yesterday, I'm not sure if they were homeless, but they were laying inside. They had to get them out and it is uncomfortable," she said.

And at another location, the bathrooms have been shut down completely to both paying and non-paying patrons.

"I had to go across the street," said one man while another man said he was told he can't use the bathroom.

"I said, 'wait a minute, I spend my money here and I can't use your bathroom?' " he said. "They told me it was broken or out of order."

CBS2 confirmed two Starbucks location in downtown where the bathroom policy in now in place.

Starbucks Corp. would not comment as to the number of bathroom closures in the downtown area but did admit it has happened.

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