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Some Huntington Beach Residents Speak Out Against Plastic Bag Ban

HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — Some residents in Huntington Beach spoke out against a plastic bag ban at a city council meeting Monday night.

KCAL9's Stacey Butler reported that dozens vented their anger over a 4-3 vote last fall that prohibited plastic bags in the city.

"I have never seen this town as divided and angry as I see it now," Mike Hoskinson said.

"If we are really worried about our beaches, why don't we ban diapers, fast food containers, water bottles, cans?" Robert Faust said.

Last month, Huntington Beach approved its reusable bag ordinance. It allows stores to provide paper bags to customers for 10 cents.

Many agreed with the council's goal to cut down on the 123,000 tons of discarded plastic bags in California every year, but others were angry the ban was never on the ballot.

"I hate…that the citizens were not fully allowed in the decision-making process," Chris Epting said.

"I believe the people in the city should have the right to vote on it. I'm not saying I'm for or against it, I just think it should be the people's choice," Craig Frampton said.

The issue, however, will not go to the polls in November. The council said it's too expensive.

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