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Sixth SoCal Driver In 3 Months Reports Window Blown Out On Freeway

CORONA (CBSLA) - Another driver said her windows were blown out on a Southern California freeway, leading to worry among drivers in Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside County.

Lisa Sanford said she was driving back to work on the 15 Freeway in Corona in March. Right before she got to the 91 connector, she heard cracking noises all along her passenger side, then one of her windows shattered.

"Somebody's really gonna get hurt," said Sanford.

She said the California Highway Patrol told her it was probably just road debris but when she took it to a body shop to get it fixed, they said the damage was definitely caused by a BB gun.

Sanford believes it could have been a guy in his 20's driving a black Honda Civic next to her who quickly got off the freeway when she slowed down to find out what happened to her car.

Sanford learned five other drivers had their windows blown out in April on LA and Orange County Freeways.

On April 27, two separate drivers were horrified when their cars were suspected of being shot at while driving southbound on the 405 Freeway near Westminster. Both people were not injured.

Sanford called the CHP back to see what more they could do to investigate.

"There should be one person in charge of the entire investigation collecting all the information," added Sanford.

The CHP has still not commented about a possible connection in the cases or confirmed what hit the cars.

CHP headquarters told CBSLA the local offices would know more than they would.

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