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Second Severed Hand Discovered Near Human Head In Hollywood Hills

HOLLYWOOD HILLS (CBS) — Authorities have discovered two severed hands and man's head near the Hollywood sign.

A cadaver dog found the first hand before noon Wednesday.

"A severed human hand has been located in close proximity to the severed head. We have every reason to believe that it is the same individual," Cmdr. Andrew Smith said.

Details surrounding the discovery of the second hand were not immediately released. However, police said it was discovered Wednesday afternoon.

The head was discovered by dog walkers in Bronson Canyon around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Los Angeles police said.

"One of the dogs ran into the brush and came out carrying a plastic grocery bag. As the dogs shook the plastic grocery bag the severed human head fell out of the bag and onto the ground." said Cmdr. Smith.

Police do not know how the man died, but believe the murder did not take place in Bronson Canyon.

"We believe this body part was just deposited up here . . . probably within the past several days," Cmdr. Smith said.

The victim has yet to be identified by the coroner, but officials say he is between 40 and 60-years-old. Authorities are checking missing persons reports for a match.

Thirty detectives, 12 coroner's investigators, cadaver dogs, 6 members of the LAPD SWAT team's Climbing Cadre and two mounted officers are assisting in the search of the area, KNX 1070's Pete Demetriou reported.


Bronson Canyon and surrounding trails have been closed indefinitely due to the investigation.

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