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'Scan, Bag, Go' Tech Allows Grocery Shoppers To Skip Checkout

REDONDO BEACH (CBSLA) — A Southern California grocery store chain has a new way for shoppers to check off their lists.

As CBSLA's Jo Kwon reports, the new tech allows customers to scan their groceries and skip the traditional checkout.

Karl Breitenstein says during most trips to the Ralph's in Redondo Beach he picks up a scanner and gets shopping.

"Saves a lot of time and waiting in line," said Breitenstein.

It is one of six Ralph's locations in the Los Angeles area with "Scan, Bag, Go" technology.

How does it work?

Find what you need, scan the barcode, bag it and go.

But what about the stuff you have to weigh to pay?

Scan the barcode for the item, find a scan-bag-go scale, bring your scanner and scan the barcode. It will tell you to take your tomatoes, place them on the scale. You wait. It will give you a price. Then press "yes." Then you can go.

To check out scan the barcode, scan any coupons and pay.

The tech is also available through an app on your phone.

Not everyone is on board yet.

Julious Green say he's not interested in trying out the new tech that will be at 30 Ralph's locations by the end of the year.

"I'm old school. I like to just come in, get what I want to get. Pay for it. Bag it up, and take off," said Green.

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