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Santa Clarita Valley students welcomed back to school with scorching hot temperatures

Newhall elementary students feeling the heat on their first day back to school
Newhall elementary students feeling the heat on their first day back to school 02:18

Going back to school in this heat is no easy feat, especially for the students of the Newhall School District in Santa Clarita Valley.

"I was about to melt down," said student Mckenzie Cleere. 

"I thought I was going to die," said Cleere's sister McKayla. 

McKenzie and McKayla had a rough first day back at Meadows Elementary School in Santa Clarita because of the almost triple-digit temperatures. Their mother, Kimberly Cleere admitted that there was some confusion when she went to pick them up at the end of the day. 

"I'm going to have to do better planning because she comes out this back gate," she said. "She went to the front gate and all I kept thinking was 'My poor child is melting.'"

Teachers and parents in the Newhall School District tried their best to ensure kids stay cool and hydrated, amid these high temperatures.

"We were clear about making sure he drinks water throughout the day," said mother Hilary Shields." When we did the school night tour, we should him where the fountains were." 

Emergency room physician Dr. Darrin Privett said kids are more susceptible to heat-related injury, illness and sunburns. He recommended children should stay hydrated, get enough shade and make sure they are taking breaks.

"Especially when our kids are playing outside, you want to make sure we're covering them with sunscreen," he said. "Any type of playground equipment that's metal, that's exposed to heat, can get really hot which can cause contact burns. We definitely need to be aware and take necessary precautions."

The Newhall Elementary School District said on days when temperatures reach above 94 degrees they encourage children to drink plenty of water and wear hates outside the classroom. They also modify the activities in physical education classes. The children are also encouraged to play quiet games and to read a book in the library or shady areas of the playground. 

"I just go inside and get air conditioning and go in the shade when I'm outside," said second-grader Max Murray. 

Shields and other parents also said that it is important for parents to be on-time after the school day is over. 

"We just make sure that myself or whoever is picking him up that day is here before he's out so that he's not standing around waiting in this heat," Shields said. 

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