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Riverside County Residents Report Their Pets Died After Trying To Escape The Sound Of Illegal Fireworks

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) -- A woman who lives outside Riverside said her blind horse died after injuring itself when it got scared by fireworks and broke out of its paddock.

The horse, Gammera, was 33 years old but her owner Sharon Holmberg said she still had much more life left.

Holmberg said "horrendous booms" from illegal fireworks, which had been rattling her Riverside County neighborhood every night for weeks now, spooked Gammera.

Last Friday, the horse slammed into a wooden fence while trying to run away from the noise, badly injuring her leg and face.

Holmberg learned days later that Gammera also suffered internal injuries and her veterinarian needed to put her down.

She left a note about Gammera's death on mailboxes in her community so whoever has been setting off the fireworks can know what happened.

It turns out Gammera wasn't the only animal affected by the fireworks going off in their neighborhood.

Holmberg said another neighbor added onto the note that their dog got scared as well and ran into the street, where it was hit by a car and died.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Office says their non-emergency dispatch line has been overwhelmed with calls about illegal fireworks, which could have adverse effects on pets and neighbors suffering from PTSD.

Anyone setting off fireworks can be fined $1,000. To report fireworks, officials ask residents to fill out this form. For emergencies, call 911.

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