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Police, Pastor, Public Come Together To Find Solutions To Deadly Street Races

LOS ANGELES ( —  Street racing is fun, fast, furious and sexy -- in the movies.

But all over Los Angeles, street racing in reality is often deadly.

The guy behind whats being called a "Motor gospel music video" is Aaron Schwartzbart.

A former rocket scientist turned ordained minister, Schwartbart  is now trying to put the brakes on the illegal street racing problem in the San Fernando Valley.

"Some of these kids really don't care if they kill somebody," said Schwartzbart, "A lot of them do care. Some of them just don't know any better and they just like driving fast."

Thursday night, dozens from the racing community came out to LAPD's Mission Station to try to figure out what to do about illegal racing.

Although some felt like the wheels kept spinning.

KCAL9's Jennifer Kastner spoke to racing fans and police -- looking to find common ground and ways to keep the public safe.

The closest spot to legally race is at Irwindale Speedway. But that venue is scheduled to be shut down by the end of next year.

After that, it's either Fontana's Auto Club Speedway or the Willow Springs international Raceway, north of Lancaster.
"We know what the solution is. Open up more legal raceways," says street racer Donald Galaz.
An illegal race that killed two people in Chatsworth this past February was caught on video.

LAPD says last year, there were  seven deaths in the Valley related to illegal street racing.

Schwartzbart says he is planning to open either a permanent track or host a racing event in the San Fernando Valley.

He says he has the money but hasn't locked down a location and can't commit to a time frame.


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