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Police Chased 'Reckless' Daredevil On Motorcycle From Highland To Ontario

LOS ANGELES (  —  Police chased a "reckless" motorcycle rider who, during the pursuit, showed off daredevil-type skills, authorities said.

The chase began in Highland but picked up in earnest in Pomona.

The suspect, in a white helmet, reportedly had been weaving and bobbing in traffic.

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Stu Mundel, reporting in Sky9, said the suspect often exceeded 100 mph.

The suspect was being followed by a helicopter overhead and at least two CHP officers chasing him on motorcycles. At least four motorcycle officers joined in the chase.

Mundel said the driver could be seen looking over his shoulder during the pursuit and not focusing on the road, making his actions even more dangerous.

Officers rolled up on the suspect as he drove into a dead-end street. He drove past police as they attempted to get out of their vehicle.

During the pursuit, the motorcyclist rode standing up on his seat, daredevil-style. "He's doing a lot of showboating," said Mundel.

At other junctures, he appeared to be making obscene gestures toward officers.

The cyclist, "out of the blue," said Mundel, just gave up. He rode into a gas station in Ontario and stopped. It was the second time he had run into a gas station during the pursuit.

At least four officers were shown taking the suspect into custody.

Late Wednesday, the suspect was identified as Phillip Resendez, 22. The suspect was booked into the West Valley Detention Center by San Bernadino and charged with failure to yield and driving on the wrong side of the road during a pursuit.

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