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Boat Pulling People In Water Toys Comes Dangerously Close To Sharks

DANA POINT ( — Doheny State Beach lifeguards posted new warnings after another shark, possibly a great white, was spotted Thursday just feet from a paddle boarder. But is was a sighting on Sunday night caught on drone footage that was more worrisome.

Barry Curtis was flying his drone and it videotaped two Great White sharks over six feet long near a boat towing people in inflatable water toys.

"I spotted one then I spotted two," Curtis said.

Curtis says the lifeguard ran to alert a supervisor and showed him what he filmed.

"He saw that and that's when he got on his radio and said I'm gonna call the shore boat and tell them to leave the area," Curtis said.

But there wasn't time. Seconds later he says another lifeguard ran into the water with his paddle board to warn them.

"They had just towed by both of the ones I had been filming and they had no idea there were sharks in the water," Curtis said.

In his drone footage you can see the lifeguard reach the boat and everyone pile into the dingy. Curtis' camera system has GPS coordinates and records date, time and exact location showing the sharks were 900 feet away from the swimmers.

"They've done tests where they're dragging stuff behind boats and Great Whites like the element of surprise and they come out of the water and go for towed devices," Curtis says. "These people were towing three people behind the boat, my hope and prayer was that I wasn't going to witness a tragedy."


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