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Parking Attendant Scores Big On Powerball Ticket

SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( — A young man said he is usually not thrilled about helping is father run errands. But Jorge Solis-Cortes was sure glad he did almost two weeks ago in South Los Angeles.

He drove his father to Nabor's Meat Market at 8851 Hooper Ave. in South Los Angeles. While there, the 23-year-old's father bought two Powerball tickets - one for him and one for his son.

Store owner Graciela Medel said the father buys one lottery ticket every Sunday, except this time when he bought two. The ticket he gave his son had five of the six numbers from the Nov. 18 drawing and was worth $866,060.

The winning numbers were 17, 40, 41, 46 and 69. If Solis-Cortes' also had the Powerball number 6, he would have won the $70 million jackpot.

Medel said she was told she will not be getting a cut of the $866,060 because she did not sell a ticket that hit a jackpot. But Medel said that is all right as she hopes publicity will help bring her more business.

Medel said Solis-Cortes' father has returned to her store since his win, and he is humble about his new fortune. "We were more excited than he was," she said.

Soli-Cortes said he will continue to work his job as a parking attendant and plans on using his fortune to go back to school and help his family.

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