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Only On 9: La Verne Family Says Police Went To Wrong House And Handcuffed Them By Mistake

LA VERNE (  —   A La Verne family said police went to the wrong house and treated them like criminals -- including handcuffing everyone.

It's a story that is Only On 9.

KCAL9's Jennifer Kastner says the mix-up started when police answered a call about a burglary in the 2500 block of Price Drive, near the La Verne Towne Center.

Cell phone video -- shot through a screen -- shows La Verne police just after they entered the wrong home on a burglary alarm call.

The mother of the home can be heard saying, "They invaded our privacy."

Security video shows the officers with their guns out.

They walked the family to the side of the house as  they're being detained with hands behind their backs -- or with their hands in the air.

Resident Donna Napoli says Saturday afternoon an officer opened her front door without warning, came in and yelled -- "Put your hands on top of your head," and she said, "he had his gun drawn and was aiming it at my head."

Her 14-year-old was making pancakes when other officers showed up.

"They come inside the house and they put me in handcuffs," her son said.

Napoli says her family was cuffed for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, officers later discovered they were not in the right spot.

A press release states, "the call taker in dispatch inadvertently entered 2595 Price Drive in the computer"--that's where Napoli lives.

But the burglary alarm actually went off next door at 2597. It was later determined to be a false alarm.

"I'm expecting to meet with the chief of police in La Verne this week," said Napoli, "And I'm going to file a complaint."

"It was a lot, a lot," says Napoli's son of the ordeal.

La Verne police told Kastner they identified themselves while entering but were met with an uncooperative family member.

The department apologizes for everything that happened, they told Kastner.


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