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Only On 2: After Trying To Enter Locked Jack In The Box Restroom, Man Rams Car Into Fast Food Restaurant -- Twice

LOS ANGELES (  — An apparently frustrated man rammed his car into a Koreatown Jack in the Box restaurant -- twice -- on Sunday after trying unsuccessfully to get into a locked restroom at the location. He was later arrested.

Customer William Correa was in the restroom at a Jack in the Box in the Koreatown area Sunday morning when he heard a series of loud knocks.

"He was banging on the door and I didn't come out," he said. "He banged it twice, about  three times."

It's a story that is Only On 2.

On Sunday evening, CBS2's Cristy Fajardo the man was banging on the door and also calling a woman's name repeatedly. Police theorized that this was a possible case of domestic violence and that the restaurant and patrons got in the way.

Things took an even more bizarre twist when the man got into his car on the other side of Vermont Ave., waited for traffic to clear and then drove his car headon -- over five lanes --  into the front door of the establishment, witnesses said.

Customers told CBS2's Greg Mills they were shaken and rattled.

Police said it didn't stop there. They told Fajardo the suspect got back out of his car, went back into the restaurant and started banging on the restroom doors again calling out the woman's name.

They said he then got back into his car, then drove around the corner of the restaurant and rammed it with his car again.

"He was very crazy, very crazy," said Jack in the Box customer Edgar Morales. "He could've killed the people, you know."

Damage to the restaurant was extensive, and workers spent the day doing repairs. The restaurant's seating area was closed, and only drive-thru remained open.

Remarkably, nobody was injured, the restaurant's manager said.

But the experience left everyone rattled.

"I've lived in Los Angeles 12 years and I've ever experienced anything like this," Correa said. "I hope I never experience this anymore."

The 42-year-old suspect's identify was not revealed.

Fajardo says the suspect faces assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Police also told Fajardo they believed the suspect was under the influence of drugs.





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