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OC Seniors Left Stranded After Dozens Of Golf Cart Chargers Stolen

MISSION VIEJO (CBS) — A bizarre rash of thefts is leaving dozens of seniors stranded in Orange County.

At least 22 golf cart chargers have been stolen from the Laguna Woods Village retirement community since last Thanksgiving, with the most recent thefts reported back on Jan. 16.

Police said the units can cost up to $500 for a replacement, but thieves can sell the charges for as much as $100 at scrap metal recycling centers.

Thieves could also opt to sell the copper in the units for around $60 apiece.

The chargers are vital to seniors who depend on golf carts for transportation to the store or the doctor's office.

Detectives have advised seniors to make sure they properly secure the chargers and suggested they engrave their California driver's license number onto the units by borrowing an electric engraver pen from the city.

No arrests have been made in the case.

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