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Newlyweds Hope For Return Of Lost R2-D2-Themed Diamond Wedding Ring

RIVERSIDE ( — A Riverside couple is hoping "the force" is with them as they search for a lost "Star Wars"-themed diamond wedding ring that they believe was lost at a local coin laundry.

As many couples do, Sean Kirkpatrick and wife Amanda exchanged matching rings at their wedding in October. In a twist, the rings were modeled after the R2-D2 character from "Star Wars."

But when Amanda went to work Saturday night at a restaurant, she removed the ring. That was the last time she saw it.

She's sure it was in the pocket of some clothes that she washed Sunday at Arlanza Coin Laundry in Riverside the next day.

But when the couple combed through the laundry business hoping to find the ring, their search came up empty.

The droid-themed jewelry is not only expensive -- it's made of silver and sapphires, with a diamond on top -- but full of sentimental value.

The couple is concerned that somebody walked away with the ring.

They're hoping whoever found it gets in touch.

"That's my wedding ring! That means everything," Amanda said. "It has so much sentimental value. You could never replace it."

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