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New Trend Helps Employers, Prospective Hires Find Perfect Fit

LOS ANGELES ( — A growing number of people looking for or wanting to change jobs are now test-driving employment opportunities.

One such person was Linda Petty of Los Angeles who said she used the method as a path to her full-time position.

"It's a two-way street," she explained. "To see if it's a good fit for me and then also for them to see if I fit with their team."

An she's not alone. In fact, an increasing number of job seekers are test-driving positions.

"I'm doing this with the end-game being me being hired permanently," Petty said.

Janelle Bieler with Adecco, one of the largest global workforce placement agencies, says the recovering economy and professional candidate pool are reasons for the increase in temp-to-perm opportunities.

"What's new is the actual type of candidate. A lot of people are looking for opportunities to build up their skill-set and build up their resume," Bieler explained.

A growing number of companies, both large and small, and in all industries, are now requiring trial periods before offering a full-time job.

"Employers get the opportunity to test and try different people and move up and down with demands," Bieler said.

Those demands focus on ensuring a good fit for the employer and the potential hire.

For Petty, an accounting manager, a cemetery was not necessary at the top of her list but she says her temp-to-perm placement allowed her to test-drive the job.

"Working in a cemetery is just like any other industry, you know, when it comes to accounting," she said.

"It's try before you buy," said Chris Winners, the chief financial officer at Inglewood Park Cemetery, who hired Petty.

He said he's thrilled Petty is now part of the staff, adding, "To get somebody with Linda's qualifications and experience was a real find for us."

Petty said, "Hopefully, hopefully, this will be my career in the temp-to-hire position that I was hired in. I hope that this is my end."

Staffing agencies, like Adecco, can help prospective hires land a temp-to-permanent position. After working 30 hours a week for 60 days with the placement agency, employees become eligible for health, vacation and retirement benefits.

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