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NACA Returns To Inland Empire To Help Struggling Homeowners

ONTARIO ( — Struggling homeowners lined up Friday for help with loan modifications on unaffordable mortgages.

The non-profit Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, or NACA, returned to the Inland Empire Friday and will be helping homeowners like Bonnie Dunnam help with their mortgages through Tuesday at the Ontario Convention Center.

"Our house is worth less than what we owe," Dunnam said. "We've been trying to deal with this for the past six to 12 months."

NACA, whose services are free, connects homeowners with their lenders on-site to hammer out new, more affordable homes.

"There is still a huge mortgage crisis in the United States," NACA's Tim Trumble said.

NACA staff says they can almost always help homeowners find a solution.

"We have legally binding agreement with all the major lenders, plus Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- they have reps on site here at the Ontario Convention Center," Trumble said. "So we are able to come up with a proposal for the homeowner for what they can legitimately pay for their mortgage."

Many of the people coming to NACA for help were the victims of predatory loans, while others have suffered setbacks like a death in the family.

"Need a modification. Lost income. My mom passed and I was paying her bills," Patrice Webster said.

NACA's first piece of advice for homeowners in trouble is to not ignore a brewing financial issue -- talk to creditors or lenders before the problem spirals out of control.

For more information, visit NACA's website.

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