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Ventura County teacher under investigation after being caught on camera in midst of racist rant

Ventura County teacher under investigation for racist rant caught on camera
Ventura County teacher under investigation for racist rant caught on camera 02:18

A high school teacher with the Moorpark Unified School District is under investigation after they were caught on camera in the midst of a verbal argument with another person in which several racially-insensitive and anti-immigration sentiments are shared. 

The district tells KCAL News that the man seen in the video is French teacher Gnel Frankian, who has taught at Moorpark High School for just over a month. 

During the profanity-laced rant, which lasts for over a minute, Frankian can be heard shouting "Illegal!" and "Get the f— out of here, illegal!" to the person recording — the victim of the tirade — and a food vendor set up outside of the Santa Clarita gas station where the scene unfolded. 

At some point, the man even shouts at a woman and other bystanders who asks him why he's yelling, saying "Because he can't do that," while pointing and waving his arms frantically.

The food vendor who was targeted by Frankian says that he pulled over and got out of the car to confront him about where his cart was set up, and the fact that it was set up at all. 

Frankian has not yet returned to campus, according to school officials who sent a memo to all families that have students that attend schools under the district's jurisdiction. 

"Officials are aware of a disturbing video that shows a teacher from Moorpark High School involved in a verbal altercation at a gas station in Los Angeles County," the statement said. "MUSD officials are taking swift and appropriate action by following our procedures and fully investigating this matter."

Students reacted to the video, which they say was the talk of campus on Tuesday. 

"People are really just surprised that it even happened," said MHS student Brady Moses. "It was just unexpected, as like, a teacher."

When asked if he thought Frankian should continue teaching, Moses had a simple answer. 

"After that, no."

Frankian was placed on administrative leave on Wednesday, according to MUSD officials. 

"We want to reiterate that any form of hate speech does not align with our core beliefs and is not a reflection of our district or our culture at Moorpark High School. Racist, antisemitic or other hate speech/behavior will not be tolerated at MUSD," the statement said. 

District officials provided counselors for any students who felt negatively impacted by the video on Tuesday. 

Frankian was unreachable when KCAL News attempted to contact him for comment. 

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