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Mama Bear, Cub Cause Quite The Stir In Arcadia Neighborhood

ARCADIA (CBSLA)  --  Does a bear sit in the woods?

Not when they're roaming Arcadia they don't.

A mother bear and her cub caused quite the stir today as they roamed around an Arcadia neighborhood and literally made themselves at home.  The area of White Oak Drive and Santa Anita Avenue could have been named Bear Boulevard on Saturday.

KCAL9's Adrianna Weingold came closer to the bears than she probably would have preferred.

It was an encounter a little too close for comfort when a baby bear sleeping in the crawl space of a home in Arcadia decided to come out and say hello.

"There he is, let's go," said George Hooper.

The Hooper family knew there was a small bear under their neighbor's home.  Hooper took videos earlier in the day of the bear eating acorns and ambling around their backyard.

"It's exciting, it's thrilling and I'm watching him and thinking this is just amazing to have something so wild, so close," said Hooper.

But what the Hoopers didn't now, but would all soon find out, there was also a big mama bear living in the crawl space as well. About 10 minutes after Weingold and her photographer arrived, the bears were out, just as curious about the humans as the humans were about them.

"We were watching the little one and then we came back inside and we saw the big one, the mama  bear with the tag on the ear, and she came out to just keep and eye on things so now it's a whole new ball game isn't it?," Hooper said.

The  mama bear is tagged, a regular in the area that the Hooper family says they believe they've seen before. At first, the Hoopers and Weingold and her photog watched from outside but quickly decided it was best for everyone, if we moved inside, to watch from the safety of a window.

"The little one rushed did kind of rush back inside when he saw me but I don't want to upset that mama," Hooper said.

Hooper called the police, who, in turn sent the Humane Society to assess the situation. The verdict? It's the Foothills and that's where bears live. They decided to leave them alone, for now.

The family who lives in the home where the bears have taken up residence are out of town. We will learn what they decide to do when they get home.

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