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Louie Anderson On 'Coming 2 America': 'I Felt Like I Was With A Family I Hadn't Seen In A Long Time'

(CBS Local)-- Prince Akeem, Semmi and the McDowell's crew are back for "Coming 2 America," which is streaming on Amazon Prime right now. The sequel of the 1988 hit "Coming To America" has been one of the most streamed movies of 2021 and movie fans have been treated to the return of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall.

Actor Louie Anderson is back with the original cast as well and he reprises his role of Maurice. CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith spoke with Anderson about getting the band back together, working with Murphy and Hall and how the original movie changed his life.

"I loved it and it was the most fun thing in the world," said Anderson. "It was so great to get on the set and then run right into John Amos. I grew up watching John and then I got to work with him. People say that to me and I feel so old when they say that to me. Everybody looks good. I am the token white guy, that's what Eddie Murphy called me in the first movie. It was great getting back together with everybody and it was a great experience."

Anderson and the McDowell's crew get featured right at the beginning of the movie and they show Prince Akeem and Semmi some new plant-based options that have been added to the menu since we last saw the restaurant in the late 1980s. The actor and comedian has known Murphy since the two first met at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles and Anderson is blown away by how Murphy was able to jump right back into things for the sequel.

"I was sitting with Eddie, Arsenio and John and we started talking and reminiscing," said Anderson. "I asked Eddie about doing stand-up and he said he goal was to do Dolemite Is My Name, Coming 2 America and then a comedy tour. That was his intention. We talked a little about the stuff he's been writing and it is killer stuff. He said I'm a little rusty and I said there won't be any problem and I told him he could open for me. I felt like I was with a family I hadn't seen in a long time."

"Coming 2 America," was produced by Paramount Pictures, which is a part of the ViacomCBS corporation.

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