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Local Renters Find Way To Pay Fraction Of Cost To Live In Multimillion-Dollar Homes

NEWPORT BEACH ( — Five bedrooms, six baths, an entertainer's back yard with sweeping views, an outdoor fireplace and 4,000-square-feet of luxury.

You won't believe what the couple who lives in this Newport Beach home is paying for it all.

Janiell and Adrian Vashon aren't your normal renters; they work as home managers with a company called Showhomes.

"[We pay] $2,950-a-month for this home, which, it would lease easily for $10-12,000-a-month," Adrian said.

Showhomes takes staging a home for sale to the next level, not only by having it furnished but by having people live in it, sometimes for months.

And while it sounds like a great deal, it's not for everybody.

"First of all, they have to qualify by having high-end furniture, accessories and art," Showhomes' Beth Butler said.

The company sometimes helps home managers buy furnishings. However, they are also required to go through a background check and an extensive interview.

Part of the deal as a home manager is making sure you're ready when a prospective buyer might come by.

"It feels comfortable, we make it homey, and make it inviting and nice," Janiell said. "We just always need to have it show ready every morning when we get up!"

The home the Vashons are residing in at the moment is on the market for just under $4 million. It's owned by former Anaheim Ducks center Rob Niedermayer, who moved back to British Colombia.

As for just who would want to live in someone else's home for a while, there are plenty of willing participants.

"We get a lot of relocating executives, people who just sold a home and don't know where they're going to buy yet. Or some people that are wanting to buy and are saving money and they want to live like this and obviously most people can't afford a $4 million home," Butler said.

Real-estate agent Jim Weisenbach says homes show better and sell faster when using this type of service.

"Having furniture and having a natural look and what people expect when they see a house is very helpful," Weisenbach said.

For now, the Vashons will live here till the house is sold.

After that, they'll be placed into another home for sale, continuing to live in luxury for a fraction of the price.

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