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Local Comedy Writer Poses As Los Feliz Daycare On Twitter To Satirize Modern Parenting

LOS FELIZ ( — An aspiring comedy writer is focusing his humor at "modern" parenting, posing as the operator of a Los Feliz daycare center over Twitter.

The Twitter account, run by comedy writer Jason Shapiro, has nearly 10,000 followers and counting. While no such daycare exists, Shapiro is also not a father, nor does he even live in Los Feliz.

"I think kids are over-praised these days," Shapiro said.

Shapiro says that he gets ideas from listening to his co-workers on a comedy show, as they talk about their own kids.

"I would hear these ridiculous stories about the mandates at their daycare and the newsletters, and I thought this was was ripe for some comedy," Shapiro said.

From the account @LosFelizDayCare, Shapiro uses these ideas to Tweet out messages, and build a following of Los Feliz parents.

Some Tweets that go out to followers include:

"People email me a couple of times a week, asking if they can get their kids in there," Shapiro said.

Shapiro says some social media users take the account seriously, including angry Tweets taking aim at the daycare's anti-vaccination policy.

While most followers follow the account for it's humor, and though some may take it seriously, Shapiro has hope that his satirical take on modern-day parenting will open minds, as well as doors.

"I think it's important in comedy to push the boundaries, and that's kind of what I was trying to do with that, but it's a little too real for some people," Shapiro said. "I'm just trying to get noticed like everyone else."

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