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'Lion' Roaming Around Norwalk More Likely A Pit Bull Named Buddy

NORWALK (  —   The mane event in Norwalk — a lion sighting — might be more bull than originally reported.

Two weeks ago, a Norwalk resident thought he captured what appeared to many, including some animal experts, to be some kind of large feline.

Some speculated it was a lion or mountain lion, and the debate raged as Norwalk, including the mayor, wondered aloud: "How did a lion get here?"

The mystery of what the animal is/was might be solved.


According to one Norwalk family, that was no feline but a canine. In fact, they say it's their dog Buddy, a 4-year-old pit-bull mix.

KCAL9's Bobby Kaple spoke to Buddy's family to sort out how their dog was mistaken for a wild cat.

Buddy got out the night in question.

A private investigator videotaped Buddy this evening and decided it was a match for the animal caught on surveillance video.

"My verdict is the dog in the back yard is similar in size, the tail is the same, and the same mannerisms as what was seen on the video from prior," said Matthew Adling of Hudson Investigations. "Buddy is the one."

"I could tell it was Buddy," says Adrian Nunez, Buddy's owner, "when I saw the newest video, the HD color version."


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