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LAPD Makes 6 Arrests, Confiscates Vehicles And Firearm Related To Motorcycle Sideshows In Fairfax District

FAIRFAX DISTRICT (CBSLA) - The Los Angeles Police Department cracked down on motorcycle sideshows that had been taking over the Fairfax District, snarling traffic and forcing one restaurant owner to change how it did business.

Business owners in the area told CBSLA's Kandiss Crone that they are thankful that LAPD made some arrests in the case, but added that more needs to be done about the situation so that employees and customers are safe.

"I'm relieved to finally see some work being done," Irma Rodriguez, owner of Antonio's Restaurant, said.

Cellphone video shows motorcycle riders doing dangerous stunts in the district. Earlier this week, however, officers tracked a group of more than 200 motorcyclists from Melrose to downtown LA following tips on social media.

"They're all banded together and they were going all up and down the boulevard, all up and down here, just doing wheelies and doing all their tricks and just being very hazardous about their movements and everything," Rodriguez said.

LAPD released photos of dirt bikes and other vehicles confiscated during their illegal driving bust, which lead to six arrests and the recovery of one firearm.

"This activity creates a significant hazard to the public, businesses and to the participants themselves" LAPD Sgt. Jesse Garcia said. "They are engaged in reckless driving activities, taking over entire city blocks, running red lights, wheelies, just general recklessness."

Business owners in the Fairfax District say they're still seeing risky riders speed making customers too scared to eat outdoors. They said more police patrols are needed to stop the illegal sideshows.

"It's a baby step. There's still a lot more that needs to be done," Rodriguez said.

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