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LAPD Announces Anti-Recidivism Program, Offering Community Programs Over Jail Time For Certain Non-Violent Crimes

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- The Los Angeles Police Department on Tuesday announced the launch of an anti-recidivism program.

The LAPD created the ATI Pre-File Diversion Program in cooperation with Los Angeles County's Alternatives to Incarceration Office, a police statement said.

Adults arrested for certain misdemeanors and non-violent felonies will be able to participate in community support programs instead of facing harsher penalties, including jail time and criminal charges.

"In many cases, treatment and services can be much more effective than brief time in jail,'' City Attorney Mike Feuer said.

Arrestees will be able to avoid criminal charges if they complete the program.

The LAPD 77th Street Community Police Station jail will be the first to implement the program, and the LAPD Metropolitan Detention Center and LAPD Van Nuys Station jail are expected to follow soon after.

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