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OC Husband Accidentally Sells Wife's $23K Wedding Ring For $10 At Garage Sale

LAGUNA NIGUEL ( — A Laguna Niguel husband accidentally sold his wife's $23,000 wedding ring at a garage sale.

Racquel Cloutier, 31, placed her ring in a large watch box for safe keeping before she left for the hospital to deliver her fifth child.

The mother, however, didn't tell her husband, Eric, about the ring.

On June 1, the day after she had their baby, he sold the box — for just $10 — at a community garage sale that was put on for charity in San Joaquin Hills.

"I saw this big box in my closet. It had been there for over a year, probably worth about $120, $130 dollars. I don't need it. I don't use it. I brought it downstairs, I looked quick in it and there was nothing," said Eric.

The couple hopes the person who bought the box returns the ring.

"It symbolizes love, and it's a symbol of your relationship. I feel naked. Every time you look down at your finger..." Racquel cried. "I don't know why I keep crying about it. I just want my ring back."

"It means something to her. I hope the lady can bring it back. I'll give her a reward for it. Not a $22,000 reward, but I'll give her a reward," said Eric.

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