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Laguna Beach Installing Barriers To Protect Pedestrians Against Weaponized Cars

LAGUNA BEACH (   —  The street attack in Barcelona -- following similar attacks here and abroad -- show the need to protect pedestrians against weaponized cars and vehicles.

CBS2's Michele Gile says Laguna Beach is doing just that.The city is putting up barricades to keep drivers from intentionally doing harm to pedestrians.

This weekend, two demonstrations are planned -- not to mention the thousands who just like hanging out in the area.

"We'll place K-Rail anywhere there's not a car because the cars are a natural barrier. We want to make sure we protect everybody," said Laguna Beach Police Chief Laura Farinella.

Today's street attack in Barcelona is fresh on Farinella's mind.

She knows there are key spots that are vulnerable. One such spot -- he popular main beach on Pacific Coast Highway. An anti-immigration rally is set for Sunday.

Concrete carriers will go up to block a car from jumping the curb into a crowd.

"Sometimes when you get a lot of people on a crowded sidewalk they want to cheat and go into the street and we want to avoid that from happening. So that in addition to any vehicles coming up over the sidewalk to strike a pedestrian is what were trying to prevent," said Farinella.

The iconic Laguna location is a gathering place. A driver who has an accident on this stretch of PCH or a purposeful attack like the ones on the promenade in Nice, France or on London Bridge would be devastating.

Said one Laguna Beach visitor, "As you look at it, obviously you're scared and you're nervous about the potential of it happening here as well..easily a feasible thing to happen in a very idyllic and beautiful spot."

Another visitor, this one a Londoner, hasn't changed his routine as the world changes but he's vigilant.

"Just normally..just carry on as I would. Normal day today. do what I'd always do," says Andy Cross, "just be a little bit more conscious and aware."

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