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Lacrosse Field At Beverly Hills High School Closed After Discovery Of Arsenic In Soil

BEVERLY HILLS ( — Padlocks secure the lacrosse field at Beverly Hills High School after levels of arsenic were found in the soil.

"All I know is that it's very scary and if I tell all of the parents I know, they're gonna be as scared as I am. It's very upsetting to say the least," said Jill Dictrow, a parent whose daughter will attend the school as a freshman.

According to the school district, parents haven't been notified yet since the school is still closed.

The district says the area where the arsenic was found is where construction was about to begin.

The state tested some samples that came back over the acceptable limit.

The school district says more tests have now been done in other areas and those results should be back Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Emily Massachi just graduated from the school and says she's worried.

"I mean, that's four years of me being exposed to the cancerous chemicals and it's not good," Massachi said.

Beverly Hills High School is built on what used to be an oilfield.

Brian Goldberg, the president of the Beverly Hills Unified School District, says he understands there are concerns but assures proper action is being taken.

"My own children are here on the sites as well, and I wouldn't put my own children or anyone else's children or the staff in any danger whatsoever," Goldberg said.

The district says that the lacrosse field will be closed indefinitely until the problem has been resolved.

The first day of school at Beverly Hills High School is Tuesday.

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