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'Advantage To Getting Protein From Plants': Former UFC Fighter James Wilks On Arnold Schwarzenegger, Documentary 'The Game Changers'

(CBS Local)-- A new documentary from executive producers James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger explores how everything we've been taught about protein is a lie.

Former UFC fighter James Wilks travels the world and talks with current and former elite athletes about their plant-based diets and the misconceptions about consuming animal meat for strength. The documentary features interviews with Schwarzenegger, Houston Texans wide receiver Kenny Stills, and former NFL linebacker Derrick Morgan. This project all began when Wilks got hurt and had time outside the octagon.

"It was a long journey and it took a long time to make the film," said Wilks in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "As you saw in the film, I got injured training with a future heavyweight champion and I tore ligaments in both my knees. I spent my time looking into research on nutrition for optimal performance and recovery. That's when I came across a study of the Roman gladiators and gladiators were eating almost exclusively, if not completely plants. I thought that can't be true because you have to have meat and animal products to be strong and healthy. I discovered there is actually an advantage to getting your protein from plants."

Wilks saw a dramatic improvement to his endurance and strength six months after he made the switch to a plant-based diet. Another person who saw the differences in this kind of diet is Schwarzenegger and the former Governor of California discusses that in the film.

"Arnold is incredible and he is really an advocate, especially for the environment, but also for his health" said Wilks. "I think it is powerful to hear it coming from him. He used to eat so much meat and then he realized it was marketing... that it's not based in reality and it's not based in the science or the facts. He's been very supportive of the project and it was amazing having him on the project."

"The Game Changers" will be released in cities nationwide for one day only on September 16 and in Los Angeles on September 20.


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