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Interactive Map Shows Which Southern California ZIP Codes Are Best, Worst At Wearing Masks

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A local data firm has put together a crowdsourced map that shows how consistent certain ZIP codes are when it comes to wearing face masks.

The map from Infogears gathers self-reported data for ZIP codes across Southern California to give a 60-day snapshot of respondents' symptoms, how often they left home, and their mask usage.

To see the full map, the site's visitors are asked to fill out the survey, and it's not clear if the map displays up-to-the minute information. The survey does not take social distancing into account, so it's also not known if always wearing a mask means wearing it when leaving the house in all circumstances, or wearing them when expecting to come into close proximity of other people.

Of more than 220 Glendale respondents in the 91208 ZIP code, 65.06% reported always using masks, while 72.32% of them leaving home more than once the previous day. In the ZIP code where the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is located, 50% of the 40 respondents reported always wearing masks, even as 70% of them left their homes more than once.

In the famous Beverly Hills ZIP code 90210, almost 67% of the 25 respondents reported wearing masks always, and 88% of them leaving their homes more than once. In several ZIP codes surrounding downtown LA, 90% or more respondents reported they always wore masks.

Public health officials say wearing a face covering is the easiest and most convenient way to prevent the transmission of coronavirus, and wearing face masks when social distancing is not possible is a mandate in the state of California.


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