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Disabled Homeowner Moving Out After HOA Tells Her To Move Goldfish

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (CBS Local) - A year-long spat between an Indiana woman and her homeowner's association over goldfish is coming to an end.

Carol Hanquier of Johnson County has decided to sell her home after the local HOA demanded the disabled resident relocate two goldfish ponds she keeps in her family's front driveway.

Hanquier was seriously injured in a 2008 car crash and is on permanent disability. To deal with anxiety, the Indiana mother had the two large tanks installed three years ago. Hanquier says the golfish provide her emotional support.

"The fish are extremely soothing," Hanquier told WRTV in August of 2017 after the Silver Springs HOA filed a lawsuit against her. "It's something I look forward to. I'm by myself all day long."

Hanquier claims a proposal to move her fish to the backyard was not possible as the area is home to the disabled mother's other service animal, a miniature horse.

The family says their HOA has refused to help find any other solution after Silver Springs claimed Hanquier installed the ponds without permission. The HOA lawsuit says it's a violation to keep the ponds in the driveway because they "are visible from the street" and may "diminish the aesthetic appearance of the real estate."

The Indiana family claims they have no choice but to sell their home out and have been harassed by HOA officials.

"We are being forced out of our home, and they want us gone by August 10," Hanquier said, via WTVF. "They have done nothing but harass by coming to our home four times a week to inspect."

Scott Tanner, attorney for Silver Springs HOA, disputed the family's allegations. Tanner adds August 10 is the date Hanquier must respond to the HOA lawsuit, it is not a deadline to move.

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