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Hearing From Recall Election Candidates: Caitlyn Jenner, Kevin Faulconer, Larry Elder

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- Three of some of the top names in the race to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom -- Caitlyn Jenner, Larry Elder and Kevin Faulconer -- spoke out on Tuesday night.

Caitlyn Jenner says she still has a fighting chance in the recall race, but time is running out.

"I didn't come into this thinking I was going to get second place," Jenner said.

When asked if she thinks Newsom is taking her candidacy seriously, Jenner called Newsom a hypocrite and said he only supports "special interests."

Jenner also said she supports coronavirus vaccines but does not believe in a mandate.

"I believe and support the vaccine. I have been vaccinated. From a political standpoint, when you combine a pandemic with politics - politics wins. I am for individual freedom," Jenner said.

Jenner believes voters want a more business-friendly state.

"I'm going to Sacramento to lower taxes - lower regulations. To make a more pro-business environment and as an outsider, I feel like I can do that," Jenner said.

Larry Elder, another candidate, said he will end the mask mandate if he wins the election.

"When I become governor, if there are still state mandates for face masks and vaccines, they are going to be repealed," Elder said.

Elder says mandates should be determined locally and by private businesses.

"As far as the rest of the state is concerned - local districts and private sector, they can make their own rules and regulations. If I were running a private business, I would not require someone to be vaccinated or wear a mask," Elder said.

Elder also spoke out about accusations made last week by his ex-fiancée Alexandra Datig.

"I truly believed that he could kill me," Datig said.

Datig claims before they broke up in 2015 Elder physically and emotionally abused her, and loaded a gun in front of her, to scare her.

"The only one that I'm going to respond to is the allegations about the gun," Elder said. "I've never waved a gun, loaded a gun... beyond that her allegations are too stupid to respond to."

Another GOP top contender, former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer was in downtown L.A. at a homeless encampment on Tuesday promising change.

"We have a duty to intervene - on our sidewalks - on our streets. On our freeway overpasses and underpasses - in our public spaces, to get people off the streets," Faulconer said.

Governor Newsom is also getting an assist from California's top black leaders who held a virtual rally Tuesday night.

"We need to ask our entire base to contact 10 or 20 folks and tell them to turn in the ballots they already have," said congresswoman Karen Bass.

The governor took the opportunity to remind Californians that all of his chief recall opponents are Trump supporters.

"This whole narrative that began with the big lie - after last November. We still have to defeat Trumpism that is alive and well across the country. We've seen that it's alive and well with all these voter suppression bills. Our job now is to turn in those ballots. To get people to understand what is at stake. To be motivated with the simple capacity to make a profound impact by simply voting no."

The governor says every day is essentially the election because voters have their ballots.

There are 46 total candidates on the ballot. A full list of their names can be found here.

The recall election is set for Sept. 14.

Voters can visit here to track their ballot.

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