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Hawaiian Lawmaker Quits GOP After Being Reprimanded For Criticizing Trump

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A lawmaker in Hawaii has quit the Republican party nearly two months after being ousted as the state's House minority leader.

In February, Beth Fukumoto's former fellow GOP lawmakers voted her out of her role following her public criticism of President Donald Trump.

She called the president a "bully" and accused him of spreading hate, especially towards the Muslim community.

Fukumoto denounced Trump's suggestion of creating a Muslim registry. She compared his idea to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

"The campaign remarks made by our president about women and minorities were unacceptable, and that it was our responsibility, regardless of who we voted for, to show our kids that everyone should be treated with respect," she wrote in her resignation letter, referring to what she said at the Women's March in Honolulu the day after Trump's inauguration.

Within 24 hours, her caucus told her that it "would remove me from leadership unless I promised to not criticize the president for the remainder of his term. That was a promise I simply could not make," Fukumoto said in her letter.

The 33-year-old legislator said she joined the GOP party eight years ago hoping to a make a difference. Now, the party does not reflect her values and those of her culturally diverse constituents.

Fukumoto announced she will now seek to join the Democratic party.

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