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Guatemala Eruption Impacts LAX Travelers

LAX (CBSLA) — A major eruption at one of Central America's most active volcanoes was linked to at least 25 confirmed deaths in Guatemala.

Cristy Fajardo reports from LAX, where some travelers are feeling the impact of the eruption.

A flight bound for Guatemala City was set to depart from Terminal 3 late Sunday night but Delta says that is no longer happening. The earliest that flight might leave would be Monday morning.

The Fuego volcano is erupting about 27 miles from Guatemala's capital and the airport there is closed.

"The windshields of the cars on the road are covered in ash is what my family is telling me," said stranded LAX traveler Gilberto Laparra.

Laparra says in all his years he's never seen a volcano behave this way.

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