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Griffith Observatory To Stay Open Late Dec. 21 To Disprove The World Will End

LOS ANGELES ( — Griffith Observatory will stay open late the night of Dec. 21 to dispel concerns regarding the "end of the world."

The Observatory, which normally closes at 10 p.m., will stay open one minute after midnight.

"While the '2012' scenario is based on a profound misinterpretation of the Maya calendar, other groundless claims have also been attached to December 21," SWPR Group representative said in a statement.

The Observatory is expecting a large number of people to visit on the evening of Dec. 21 and will close access roads as soon as parking is full.

The planetarium show, Time's Up, discusses the fundamental nature of time by addressing concerns regarding the Maya calendar, planetary alignments, rogue planets, galactic beams and other related phenomena.

The show is expected to show all day.

For more information, visit Griffith Observatory's webpage "The Truth About 2012."

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